My work is contemporary visual in Acrylic on Canvas or Canvas board ,with Mixed Media, which includes Textures and Semi precious crystals.
I also use Acrylics on handmade Nepalese paper which adds beautifully to the texture of the painting.

I have a deep connection to the old legends and myths I learned at school here in Ireland . Over the years I have developed a great interest in the Megaliths of old. Combine this with a passion for painting and creating , and the idea that crystals have their own frequency and healing through colour and vibration and here I find my practice, my vision for this work.
I add semi precious stones either as they are, crushed or powdered,and mixed with paint or mediums. I choose the stones carefully to merge with the energy I feel is associated with the site and the tale that I am painting.

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Welcome to my Irish Mythical Artist site, I hope you enjoy my work. Please contact me if you would like any other information.